Ellen Buchwaldt
Visual Artist
Inside & Outside sculpture

Welcome to my site. How nice that you taken the time to look
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Bekijk mij werk

My Work

For making my bronze-look sculptures I use Powertex. This is a water-based environmental friendly alernative to polyester. I don’t use moulds, so every sculpture is unique. The sculptures look like bronze and have the character of bronze, but are more affordable then genuine bronze sculptures. If you want a sculpture of mine in bronze, this is possible. You can ask me for the price. My sculptures are frost-resistant and so they can be put both inside and outside.


From the 16th of November 2015 including the month December I expose small sculptures in nursing home Johanneshove, Eemnesserweg 42, Laren (N.H.)
In Medical center Alkmaar (Metius Gracht) I expose my work from the 28th of November 2015 until Saturday the 30th of January 2016
Saturday the 16th of january 2016 I give a course making a guardian angel / little sculpture.
Ask me for more information!


I was born in Vinkeveen in the Netherlands in 1964. I always had the passion and the need to create something, to produce something touchable. I make my sculptures with a lot of attention and love and they come from my heart. The themes that still fascinate me for instance are Angels and Love. Most of all I adore moulding my sculptures to create with my hands and to have the direct contact with the material. I took several courses at the Art Academy Artibus in Utrecht in the Netherlands. But you can say that I am an autodidact.


Ellen Buchwaldt,
Noordereiland 112
3891 GG  Zeewolde  The Netherlands

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